BodyStories 2021

Welcome to the online home of Body Stories – a virtual retrospective! 

This performance was originally a part of the SoLow Festival out of Philadelphia, PA in June 2021.

Thank you for joining us to reflect as we begin to move forward out of the pandemic and into new adventures.

The video is available by clicking here, starting June 20 and running through June 27th. You’ll be able to watch the performance on-demand at your leisure.

What is BodyStories?

JCWK Dance Lab celebrates the 2021 Summer Solstice by looking back at original works that have stimulated director Jessica C. Warchal-King’s artistic trajectory and the development of JCWK Dance Lab. BodyStories is a retrospective of three dance performance created by Warchal-King between 2008-2013.

Performance by Dominique Dalia, Megan Quinn, Jessica C. Warchal-King, Evalina “Wally” Carbonell, Cassandra Cotta, KC Chun, Rachael Hart, Rhonda Moore, & Brandi Ou

Additionally, we’re including links below to Jessica’s behind the scenes blog posts regarding the process of each of the pieces. You can browse these at any point in time.

Shrapnel (2008)

Wheels of Light (2009)

Embedded Layers (2013)

Original photos by Bill Hebert

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