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Here are a few resources to keep moving:

Dancing Alone Together – a website dedicated to providing links to virtual dance classes for all levels in all genres (Ballet to Bollywood, from Modern to Musical Theatre)

Dance for PD (Parkinson’s Disease) goes virtual! – Join the founders of Dance for PD for virtual classes!

Drexel Pilates – a hub for Pilates in Philadelphia now available where-ever you are!

Here’s to the folks who continue to pursue joy through virtual connections, wellness and new ways to create kinesthetic stories! Support each other!

Thank you for sharing HOME!

Thank you to everyone who shared HOMEbody with us in Philadelphia!

Here are the reviews:

“Inventive neoclassical moments with sharp unison jumps, lithe transitional steps, and dramatic lifts frame the individual stories of the dancers…. For those not familiar with Warchal-King’s work, this piece exemplifies her strong sense of collaborative energy with her dancers.  The ballet admirably sustains a cohesive dramatic arc over 35 minutes, with palpable synergy among the dancers… the choreography and the performances were dynamic enough that you really didn’t need to know anything about it to be completely drawn in. And just as much as anything, that is the mark of a choreographer who knows that in the end the dance is the thing that ultimately drives it all home.” ~by Lewis Whittington for The Dance Journal from

“HOMEbody is a piece that abstracts and distills its central concept….. ideas behind the work are subtly referenced throughout, rather than shoved in my face. I too find a sense of home in unexpected places during the performance: in a breath, or a leg held in the air, or a supportive gaze…. HOMEbody is packed with a huge lexicon of movement…. the dance aesthetically cohesive…. There is a language in HOMEbody, even if I can’t decipher it. I’m okay with this; I know I’m seeing someone’s idea of home, and that is enough….riveting….” ~ from thINKingDANCE by Leslie Bush

“Impressionistic… powerful… visually appealing and wholehearted dancing” ~from The Broad Street Review by Melissa Strong

Notes from the Field

Reflections from the process of HOMEbody by the dance artists and community members:

Artist bios

Layers of Listening – Music/ Dance Collaboration 

Discovering home – prompts and questions for the process

HOMEmade soup

I Dare You (to define home) a poem 

Moving home

When Home isn’t Home-y

Returning Home for the first time

Is your body your home? 

Home poetry reflection 

How do other people talk about home?

Loved in our home – a poem reflection


Photo by Thomas Kay

For Immediate Release


Contact: Sarah Carlson

Founder/Artistic Director, DanceLink


Lehigh Valley performance premiere

“Rising Tide” testifies to the power, experience and perspectives of women.

Allentown, Pa. (Sept 10, 2019) — The IceHouse Tonight presents “Rising Tide: a dance showcase featuring feminist perspectives”, which brings together five regional companies to the Bethlehem Ice House on Friday, October 4 at 8pm and  Saturday, October 5that 3pm & 8pm. Continuum Dance Theater, DanceEthos, DanceLink, JCWK Dance Lab and Olive Prince Dance present works that testify to the power, experience and perspectives of women.   Tickets are $20/$15 student/senior.   Tickets available at:

“Riffing on the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats, we titled the program “Rising Tide” to suggest that by focusing on women, all are enriched,” states Sarah Carlson who is producing the event. The program features five regional dance companies, all directed by women.

Continuum Dance Theater, led by Founder and Artistic Director Sarah Parker, brings a new world premier work to the Ice House for Rising Tide.  Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi (the mending of broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold), POWER|FULL examines the ways in which women’s struggles become part of their whole story and a source of their power rather than a cause of their imperfection, weakness or deterioration. Like Kinstukuroi’s philosophy of bringing beauty to the process of repair, the cast of POWER/FULL creates a narrative of empowerment…a story held together with golden seams.

In “Absence,” danceETHOS explores the social pressures assigned to female identity and community and the subsequent assumption that when a woman chooses not to adhere to those expectations that there is something lacking in her world. Choreographed by Artistic Director Alexandra Pobiedzinski, the piece ebbs and flows between control and release, dependence and rejection, to offer an abstract glimpse into the strength, vulnerability and intimacy that females experience as they navigate the complex realm of womanhood.

DanceLink  premieres a new work “UpLift” which chronicles the journey of four women as they navigate the perils of oppression. Choreographed by Founder/Artistic Director, Sarah Carlson, the dance looks at the complexity of identity in community. At once acknowledging struggle and celebrating strength, the piece weaves a moving tapestry of communal connection  in the midst of trial.

JCWK Dance Lab, an intergenerational, all-female contemporary company, presents excerpts of HOMEbody – a piece reflecting feminine experiences of home: home as structure, home as physical body, home as geographical place from which we leave and return, and home as states of rejection and acceptance. Composer and Muhlenberg College musician Paul Fejko created original music for HOMEbody.

Based in Philadelphia, Olive Prince Dance presents “She persisted”, an excerpt of a full evening length work based on the concept of the “invincible” body as a fairy tale of our own making.  Floating, temporary, rising from the muddy ground is contrasted with images of an echoing of emptiness, falling hard to a stand still and discovering the symmetry in our experiences.  The body becomes a conduit for both the vulnerability and indestructibility necessary to prevail.

A Q&A will be held after the Saturday matinee performance to allow the artists to share more about their creative process. Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more. Rising Tide has received support from the Pennsylvania Partners for the Arts administered by the Lehigh Valley Arts Council.

About the Artists:

Sarah Carlson(producing director) is the Founder & Artistic Director of DanceLink which seeks to bridge people, ideas & and understanding through the power of movement. Sarah danced professionally for 10 years in NYC with companies including Alexandra Beller/Dances, Brian Brooks Moving Company, Clare Byrne Dance, Paul Mosley Dance and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet.  As an independent choreographer, her own work has been presented throughout the US at venues such as the Joyce Soho in NYC, On the Boards in Seattle, and The Yard on Martha’s Vineyard as well as in Benin, Africa. Sarah is a co-director of the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange & the editor of the Lehigh Valley Dance in Review. Sarah has been on the dance faculty at Muhlenberg College, DeSales University, Cedar Crest College, Lehigh University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. Sarah received a BA in French and European Studies from Connecticut College and an MFA in Dance from the University of Washington.

About the series:

The IceHouse Tonight, a response to a growing night-life scene in downtown Bethlehem, targets the potential college-age and the “restaurant row” audiences in the center city. The performance series is designed to mirror the charm, independence and sense of contemporary urban life represented by the current trends in downtown Bethlehem. The IceHouse Tonight will produce a performance schedule that nurtures the production of new artistic works and the development of new regional arts organizations. Additionally, The IceHouse Tonight will provide a stage for collaborative and innovative programming from well-established regional arts organizations.