Thank you for sharing HOME!

Thank you to everyone who shared HOMEbody with us in Philadelphia!

Here are the reviews:

“Inventive neoclassical moments with sharp unison jumps, lithe transitional steps, and dramatic lifts frame the individual stories of the dancers…. For those not familiar with Warchal-King’s work, this piece exemplifies her strong sense of collaborative energy with her dancers.  The ballet admirably sustains a cohesive dramatic arc over 35 minutes, with palpable synergy among the dancers… the choreography and the performances were dynamic enough that you really didn’t need to know anything about it to be completely drawn in. And just as much as anything, that is the mark of a choreographer who knows that in the end the dance is the thing that ultimately drives it all home.” ~by Lewis Whittington for The Dance Journal from

“HOMEbody is a piece that abstracts and distills its central concept….. ideas behind the work are subtly referenced throughout, rather than shoved in my face. I too find a sense of home in unexpected places during the performance: in a breath, or a leg held in the air, or a supportive gaze…. HOMEbody is packed with a huge lexicon of movement…. the dance aesthetically cohesive…. There is a language in HOMEbody, even if I can’t decipher it. I’m okay with this; I know I’m seeing someone’s idea of home, and that is enough….riveting….” ~ from thINKingDANCE by Leslie Bush

“Impressionistic… powerful… visually appealing and wholehearted dancing” ~from The Broad Street Review by Melissa Strong