Digital Experiences Portfolio

Jessica Warchal-King has been dedicated to engaging and educating audiences through the digital platform since 2010. Click here to journey into the depths of her process through her blog, Fieldnotes

Included below are a sampling of the dance and audience engagement experiences created by Warchal-King over the past several years, listed from most recent.

The Greater Reading Area Dance Exchange (2021)

Harvest Moon (2021)

BodyStories: a retrospective (2021)

  • Digital retrospective focusing on several pieces in Warchal-King’s artistic journey.
  • Part of the 2021 SoLowFest.
  • Click here to view. 

Constellations – Zoom as a compositional tool (2021)

Movement Meditation (2020)

Alvernia University Theatre Digital Explorations (2020)

  • Warchal-King led the digital dance performances for Alvernia University Theatre’s Fall 2020 productions. She mentored student choreography and created four dances-for-the-camera.
  • Continuous Flow – view at 2.40 Click here  
  • Perspective – view at 9.40 Click here
  • Still Hoping: An Open Letter for the Future – view at 14.05 Click here
  • Prayer of St. Francis – view at 26.25 Click here

HiLo (2020)

  • Commissioned by Reading Theater Project, Warchal-King created a video-dance to original music. Warchal-King explores opposing forces: light/ shadow. Digital/ organic, Hi movement and tone/ Low movement and tone.
  • Click here to watch the video. 

Zoom as a Choreographic Tool (2020)

  • Warchal-King led a group of Drexel University students in a live-streamed Zoom performance. She was invited to present on this experience at the Pennsylvania Dance Education Organization’s initial summit in June 2020 and at the National Dance Education Organization’s annual conference in October 2020. Check out her Fieldnotes post. 

Interrupting Mayhem (2020)

HOMEbody (2018-2020)

  • HOMEbody was a physical exploration of the experiences of home. The live performance was informed by a video-dance collaboration between Warchal-King and film-maker Jake Buczewski. Click here to watch Rediscover (2018). 
  • In Fall 2020, the evening-length, live performance was transformed into a virtual experience with audience engagement components including a create-your-own-adventure website. Check out the website by clicking here.