Welcome to the virtual home of Regeneration!

Regeneration is JCWK Dance Lab’s latest research campaign. It is an organic growth from our “We are StarDust” campaign of the past three years. Click the links for more info on the ways that “We are StarDust” manifested through Harvest Moon and Dark Adaptation. 

Like meteorites, we have moved from the stars in the earth and are exploring research initiated by the Rodale Institute. The Rodale Institute is a an international leader in soil regeneration research and organic farming practices. It is also located in JCWK Dance Lab’s hometown of Berks County.


This work has already been recognized through: 

Flowing Forms, a collaborative performance in August 2023 in Philadelphia. Click here to read more. 

The International Human Rights Arts Festival. A festival using the arts to provide awareness to human rights issues. JCWK Dance Lab is presenting as part of the Climate Change Action programming. Click here to read more. 


Get involved!

  1. Purchase your own, limited supply, of JCWK Dance Lab swag. We develop a new logo for each campaign. Click here to get yours. 
  2. Donate through PayPal or Fractured Atlas. 
  3. Let us know if you’re interested in presenting this work or one of our workshops. Contact Jessica at [email protected]